Funn Networks is an emerging monetization and engagement platform providing content aggregators, content owners and marketers a ground-breaking alternative to reach, engage and monetize their audience -- while, at the same time, providing that audience with a more intimate, personalized and nuisance free viewing experience. 
  1. What Is "Funn"
    What is Funn? Funn is the streaming alternative you've been screaming for behind closed doors since the early days of content distribution. The World has waited over 12 years for an all around nuisance free streaming alternative.
  2. Somebody Say Control?
    Consumers, content providers and marketers all want to be in "control." Well, we found a way to pull it off. And without the typical bickering between the parties. Funn will make all of your wishes come true! This calls for a celebration!
  3. Consumers Rejoice!
    There’s no doubt that consumers have had enough of intolerable streaming and cable experiences. They are either forced to pay multiple subscriptions or watch undesired, repetitive and irrelevant ads. Those days are over. Let’s have some FUNN!
  4. Not Just Another "OTT"
    Funn will become "the" premiere alternative for consumers seeking videos, tv shows, movies, games, music, ebooks, articles and more, while monetizing content providers up to twenty times more than they presently receive.
  5. Stop The Bleeding
    Ad blocking. Lack of engagement. Pitiful conversion rates. Funn is the bandaid marketers need! Spend less to reach and retain new customers! Our programmatic platform caters to "each" individual consumer unlike all other platforms.
  6. Sustainable Model
    Music steams yield about $.0003 per stream. "You Tuber's" make roughly a $.01 per view. Long and short form content is lacking any significant revenue. Seriously, how far can one stretch a bundle or a license? We make streaming sustainable.
The Future of Content Distribution Is Finally Upon Us!

​Consumers, content owners and advertisers are fed up with the mundane streaming options available today! They are screaming for an alternative. And the"fun" alternative is coming.  Funn provides content owners, delivery platforms, marketers and publishers with:

- A competitive "free" alternative. Funn doesn't disrupt current business models. Rather, we provide an "alternative" for monetization for OTT's, MSO's, MVPD's, VOD's and content creators of all shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, our monetization pays up to 20 times more on a per user-per view basis for all particpating content providers;

- A patented platform that enables 100% control over how, where and when content and marketing offerings are presented to unique users;

- A personally-directed environment, removing annoying advertising that is generally targeted and addressed to "persona" rather than person. Funn empowers each particular viewer to expressly state what kind of content, brands and products they want to see and know more about. The days of inadequate engagements and annoying the consumer are over;

- An alternative way to make up for lost revenues associated cord cutting and ad blocking. Which, by the way, are at an all time high. With Funn, the consumers are in control of everything through the use of a unique user based syndication model. And as a result, content owners will make more, advertisers will realize record high engagements and as for consumers, well, they'll never be nuisanced again. EVER!

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